Cereza 19

Rum, ripe oranges, cherries

Detox Time 10

Green tea, lime, cucumber

Sweet Nothing 19

Raspberry liquor, citrus fruits, mint

Homemade Mojito 19

White rum, lime, mint

Margarita del Techo 19

Tequila, mezcal, tangerine juice

Classic Sangria 19

Red wine, fruits, brown sugar, spices 

Orange Juice 12

Freshly squeezed local oranges

Sparkling Sangria 13

7Up, lime, mint

Apple Juice 10

Freshly squeezed local apples


Red Sea 25

Tomato soup with seafood

Chicken Fried Rice 28

Chicken, rice, vegetables

Fira Salad 22

Tomatoes, goat cheese, mashrooms, arugula

Fresh gardens  12

Fresh local vegetables 

Seafood Fried Rice 28

Mussels, rice, fresh greens 

Kotópoulo 30

Flame grilled chicken, potatoes

Caprese 19

Fresh tomatoes, greek mozzarella

Margarita del Techo Single 32

Pasta , bacon, parmesan 

Onassis Oysters 45

Fresh oysters, signature sauce, spices

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